Align with Purpose

Align with Purpose

You’re a soulful entrepreneur whose highest value is freedom,
but you don’t dare to reach for the stars…

Calling All Creative Female Entrepreneurs

(And light workers in hiding)


Lacking Clarity and hiding your super powers (because you’re lacking  

Confidence is not why you choose to incarnate in this lifetime.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Let’s tap into your Intuition, Soul and Inner Wisdom, find your Gifts, Core Talents and Zone of Genius, to find the Blueprint for your Soul-led business…

You’re a soulful entrepreneur whose highest value is freedom, but you don’t dare to reach for the stars…

You’re longing to…


  • for a new direction and more meaning and fulfilment
  • make a big(ger) impact in the world…
  • overcome your fear of fully showing up as you.
  • give your soul centre stage…


You’re a soulful entrepreneur whose highest value is freedom,
but you don’t dare to reach for the stars…


When you started your business nobody told you there was a chance that at some stage you would feel sluggish, bored or run out of steam..

That you would come to a point where you might be earning enough money to tick over, or even have plenty of cash flow, but that it wouldn’t light you up anymore..

Although you started off with a strong plan, wanting to create your dream life, although your business grew, you feel stuck…

You’re at a crossroad…


Hi, I’m Béatrice Boots, and I’ve been there too.

I had a growing Travel Business in which I brought women to Paris, but something felt missing..

I found that my zone of genius is reading energy and joining all the dots of your life journey…

which brought me to help you with your inner journey and life purpose

Aligning with your life purpose is the answer to designing a soul-led business

Even if what you do pays the bills, you wonder ‘is this it’?

You know there must be a dream outcome possible for your business and lifestyle but you just don’t know where to start…

Which is why I’ve created…

Align with Purpose.. to help you reinvent yourself and your business.

It’s a course that will help you make sense of everything you’ve done up till now, and will help you understand everything that you are at the core of your being..

It will allow you to surrender to what needs to be awakened to find happiness, purpose and live a balanced, abundant and meaningful life…]

You’ve been struggling to embrace your deepest desires and truly invite in your dream life…

but it doesn’t have to be like this.

  • make a big impact in the world…

Without feeling overwhelmed by all of your creative ideas…


  • overcome your fear of fully showing up as you.

Even though right now you’re scared that people will think you’ve gone mad…

You can…

  • give your soul centre stage…

As you know you’re meant for more..




  • Alles is in tot in de puntjes voor je georganiseerd
  • Ruimte voor 1-1 aandacht en persoonlijke groei
  • Een welkomst ‘Zen-surprise’
  • Een onvergetelijke ervaring: aperitief op dakterras
  • Een gratis yogales van een locale yoga docent
  • Een verrukkelijke sessie met klankschaal en diepe meditatie
  • Meditaties, visualisaties en ademoefeningen


Wat kan je praktisch verwachten van deze tweedaagse Tour?

  • De drukte van de stad komt niet meer zo binnen
  • Je maakt makkelijker keuzes vanuit je intuitië
  • Je herkent stress situaties en je gaat er anders mee om
  • Je geniet bewuster en je voelt je minder opgejaagd
  • Een shift in je mindset en denken, je komt als herboren thuis
  • Je kunt gemakkelijker ‘nee’ zeggen tegen anderen en ‘ja’ tegen jezelf
  • Je voelt meer verbinding met de natuur in de stad en met anderen
  • Je krijgt een positiever zelfbeeld en zit lekkerder in je vel

Ook met minder goed weer is er rekening gehouden in het programma.

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