Imagine having clarity in your business on a daily basis and trusting every step you take.. 

That’s what’s totally possible when you invite your intuition to be your ultimate guide. Let me show you how.. (link to bottom page)

The Challenges of Business

When you’re building your dream business, you’re almost always in your head and in action mode, constantly checking calendars and ticking to-do lists.

Thoughts shoot off faster and louder than a firecracker leaving little if any room to listen to your heart.

While your mind is a powerful tool, spending too much time in your head can cause an imbalance. As a result you:

May feel disconnected from yourself & others

Feel like you’re
living on auto-pilot
and more for others

Question “what is life really about” ?

Lack confidence and don’t dare to truly embrace yourself

This is perfectly natural.

Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong.

Over time, you’ve been programming yourself to always listen to your head…and not your heart (thanks patriarchy).

But the thing is: as humans and especially as business owners you are built to use BOTH your head and our heart.

Clear Mind and
Happy Heart Program

The ‘Clear Mind  and Happy Heart, how to manifest a business aligned with your soul purpose’ is a 12-week program designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who want to take 90 minutes once a week away just for themselves to tune back in with who they truly are. It’s some time away from their business, clients and family to reconnect with their hearts and to fully clear their minds.

It’s for female entrepreneurs who want to carve out some much needed self care and self love. During the course they’ll use Tarot cards as a tool to tap into our intuition and reconnect with their true essence. It will help them to clear their minds, think less and feel more.

“Women have been taught to fit into the masculine business world. They feel they need to be as strong, or stronger and as a result they can be extremely hard on themselves.”

On the retreat program you will learn how to trust your heart more, and how allowing gentleness and femininity into your life and business can change everything.

It’s a Total Reset

You’ll release

  • subconscious blocks that holding you back
  • guilt that’s keeps you stuck
  • blame that disempowers you

You’ll regain:

  • Hope and confidence in yourself and your business
  • A connection to your inner self and heart, regaining balance back into your decision making and business
  • Use both your heart and mind to grow your business and live the life you dreamed of

You’ll also:

  • Energetically clear your whole system and create a new blueprint for more light hearted and joyful success.
  • You’ll clear your head and raise your heart frequency so that you’ll become a magnet for what you deeply desire.
  • You’ll find pieces of your life puzzle on the journey.
  • It will reconnect you with you, with your higher self, and something bigger than you.
  • Women who work with me allow their heart to lead, create their dream offers and manifest their ideal clients, because they finally understand who they truly are and dare to show up as themselves.

What will you learn:

  • How to read tarot cards for bold and authentic decision making
  • How to set powerful intentions
  • How to own your own unique path
  • Embrace more of who you truly are
  • Allow the universe to support you
  • Reclaim your power
  • Embrace your spirituality
  • Never say yes again to things that don’t align with who you are
  • Raise your vibration and clear blockages
  • Manifest more of what you want

And experience more playfulness.

Why a happier heart
is so important

Did you know that people who know how to follow heir heart make much smarter business decisions?

  • They find it easier to take the next step (even the challenging ones) and grow their business with more joy, ease and flow.
  • They have a lighter, happier heart and are less stressed and worried.
  • They have a brighter vision for the future which makes them feel lighter and creative.

When we are not really happy

On the flip side when you’re not listening to your heart, giving your mind all
your attention and power you might find yourself struggling with thoughts like :

  • Why am I unhappy? There is so much I should be grateful for.
  • Something is missing.
  • This is not who I was meant to be(come).
  •  I’m bored with my business.
  • I feel disassociated from what I do. This is strange because I’m a
    real passionate person.
  • I don’t know what to do with my ideas as my head is too full with
    stuff I need to do to keep my business going
  • I’m overthinking everything, especially at night.
  • I’m comparing myself to others who seem happy.
  • I don’t feel connected to what I’m doing, everything just feels like
    hard work.
  • I lack clarity.
  • I’ve no space to think about a solution.
  • It’s like my clients own me, I give so much.
  • I’m pushing all the time, hustling, on the go

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way forever and embracing your head and heart can also be FUN.

Change is totally possible

You have already started a business, so this is your next step – Lisa

especially for someone who has already
overcome the challenges of
starting a business.

When you trust your intuition you experience the life changing magic of… Lisa’ text

Once you connect with who you truly are, and reset your belief system, reframe your business and realign your daily actions, you’ll experience the life changing magic of a life lived by trusting your intuition.

Synchronicity will show up more.
Your life will be filled with more joy, and energy, and you’ll start to trust
yourself more.

You’ll gain clarity about what you love doing most, what you’re best at and
naturally incorporate that more into your life.

You’ll experience more feelings of success

and increased profitability

Because listening to your heart and enhancing your intuition will:


  • Reframe your idea of success
  • Lead you to building a soul-based business
  • Show you what true synchronicity is about
  • Clear the clutter in your head
  • Bring you crystal clear clarity
  • Define what’s the right next step to take, in every moment
  • Give you a spring in your step and make you happy
  • Provide flow and creates momentum

The tool to help supercharge your business and life

I’ve discovered that using tarot cards  help you tap into the 95% of the subconscious mind that you normally don’t have access to; the cards help you find your blind spots. They’re a superb tool to help you unlock hidden information which will propel you fast forward in your business. They’re like a shortcut to find clarity and direction. 

Yes, you are only aware of 5% of what’s running your decision making processes.

People who become conscious of their subconscious blocks make much better business decisions.

Why? Because they are able to clear the blocks that are holding them back energetically.

When you start clearing the blocks and becoming aware, decisions you make are aligned with your higher self. As a result, you’ll allow more heart and soul into your business and you’ll allow the universe to back you like never before.

You’ll have a clearer mind and a happier heart.

Hi, I’m Béatrice

I ran my own travel business for 7 years. I built it up to a stage I was truly happy with what I had created, having a team that backed me up,

But I realised I was denying important parts of me. I was in my head and in “doing” mode all the time, using my mind, projecting the future and putting all things aside to get to my goals.

I realised I was working so hard that I forgot to enjoy the journey.

That’s when I did a lot of soul searching, and used tarot cards as one of my most important tools to find some answers. A tool which I had used for over twenty years for fun but had kept hidden. The cards helped me to get to the bottom of what was missing in my business and in my life.

I went on a self discovery journey where I found what I felt I had lost…and never looked back.

I found blind spots and discovered that coaching came as a second nature to me. It was only when I coached on a daily basis with clients who needed what I had to give, that I gained a truly happy heart.

That’s why I created my ‘Clear Mind & Happy Heart’ program as I know how it can change women’s lives.

So who’s this for?

The course is for business owners of all levels whether you are starting or well established. Here are some key questions, desires or thoughts you may have that will help you decide if this is for you.

Is this it?

You’ve achieved a certain level of success and reached a point where you ask yourself, “Is this it?”

Is this it?

You experience a sense of confusion, overwhelm, frustration and maybe loneliness and can’t work out how to get out of it.

Why am I unhappy?

Everything is going well but you’re still unhappy…you may even feel guilty for it.

My head says one thing
my heart another

You don’t understand why you’re not taking the action you know you want to take.

Is this really for me?

There’s that little voice inside questioning if you’re on the right track… or is there something else that you should be doing?

You know deep down

that self care and self love are needed in your life right now or maybe you’re just curious how you can use Tarot Cards to move through challenges on a daily basis?

How to do you book?
Please note places are strictly limited.

So are you ready to try something new to get
to where you really want to be?

Then join me on this magical journey with like minded women. Learn the tools that will transform your life and write a new chapter in your life and business

Your intuition is your
superpower and you can
claim it back

Join my next 12-weeks group coaching program, starting in the week of the 8th of November.

This includes:

  • 12 weekly 90-minute group online coaching
  •  Private WhatsApp group support

Please note places are strictly limited. To ensure all group members receive readings and time together the group is limited to 6 people.

Total cost of 12-week group coaching: $999 (USD)

Plus bonus valued at $250 

Sign up with a code given through webinar or challenge, before the 5th of November and receive :

  • 60 min free 1-1 ‘Business Alignment Session’, in which we assess where you are in this moment and start clearing limiting beliefs around what is and what isn’t possible
  • 1 pack of Universal & Nature Intelligence cards – a deck that clear energy blocks, they will change your life! 


Total Value: $250 (USD)

To book or find out more

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